A joy to watch and listen to: “De Vuurvogel”, Youth Symphony Orchestra. Named after Igor Stravinsky’s famous ballet “De Vuurvogel”, this orchestra consists of 100 passionate young people between the ages of 14 and 24, all dedicated to music. Every week they come together in their home base in Zwolle, The Netherlands to rehearse. They can be seen and heard regularly during national and local concerts. 

In the Russian fairy tale , on which the ballet is based, 13 beautiful girls held captive by a wizard, are saved by a handsome prince, the prince then marries one of the girls. 

Who says images can’t sing? Of course, emotions and music belong together, but by capturing the emotion of the orchestra members and the conductor in the most beautiful light, the images sing their own story. 

For me, every photo series is a process: rehearsing with the orchestra, listening carefully to the music and becoming one with the music and then taking the right photo at the right moment.